Packaging 1980 to 2020

In January 1980 Elma McKenzie, the founder of Placècol Cosmetics started growing her own South African cosmetic range in Ermelo. Her husband Leslie was a pharmacist and he did the formulation and manufacturing of the products.

Placècol was the first full cosmetic range which was only supplied to pharmacies and Beauty Clinics. This was before the time of modern technology like Google, Internet, e-mails, GPS’s and all the well-known technology of today. Elma says that this was quite the challenge, especially with the marketing – but they made it!

She remembers the early stages of Placècol where she played the role of CEO, Rep, Book keeper and Courier!

After a lot of research they found the use of Manketti Oil (Recinodendron Rautanenii Schinz) to work extremely well in their products. Manketti trees grow all around the Caprivi area. During that time the war was in full swing in that specific area and that made it quite difficult to find enough Manketti nuts. Patent rights for the use of Manketti oil was registered ( Patent 83/8842). Manketti Oil was unique and this breakthrough helped significantly to build the Placècol brand.

Elma went to a CIDESCO world congress and there she saw the first Soft Laser machines. After the congress she formulated her own Laser Treatment and started to do Laser Treatments in pharmacies. These laser treatments soon became very popular and helped to increase Placècol sales in pharmacies. Later on she also patented her Laser Treatment Method ( Patent 98/00404). She started to sell her “Elma McKenzie Laser Treatment Method” as a franchise to qualified Beauty Therapist. 

These therapists started to give Laser treatments in different pharmacies in their areas. Placècol sales grew significantly because of these unique service and the good results achieved by their excellent products. The huge success with the Laser Treatments became the inspiration to start the well-known Placècol Beauty Clinics.
Elma sold Placècol in1998.

Placècol grew from strength to strength through the years. Placècol Cosmetics form part of the Imbalie Beauty Group with Esna Colyn as CEO of the company. Under the most successful management of Esna and her team of professionals, Placècol is distributed through Beauty Clinics, Pharmacies, Spas, well known chain stores and also through the Internet.
Elma says : “ I am so thankful to see how God has blessed my dream to become such a enormous success!”