This chemical solution improves the skin texture and causes dead skin to peel off.

The regenerated skin is smoother and less wrinkled. An excellent treatment for

anti-ageing & rejuvenation; pigmentation, age prevent & correct; scarring & acne problems.



Lacti-Firm Chemical Peels (Lactic Acid)

Anti-ageing , Skin Rejuvenating&  Age prevent

Treatment criteria: Symptoms of Photo-ageing- poor texture,

lines, wrinkles and  laxity. Improvement will be seen with a course of these treatments:

Chemical peels, IPL treatments & Dermapen Micro needling.


Alpha Chemical Peels (Glycolic Acid)

Age correct, refines skin’s texture & reduces pigmentation

Indication criteria: younger neglected skin, poor texture, dull & sun damaged skin, photo-ageing skin

Beta  Chemical Peels ( Salicylic Acid)

Pigmentation & sun damaged skin

Indication criteria: UVR induced pigmentation ( solarlentigines ), freckles, epidermal Melasma,

Post –inflammatory hyperpigmentation


Beta Plus Chemical Peels ( Salicylic Acid)

Pimples, acne & acne scarring

Indication criteria: Oily skin with enlarged pares, mild acne & acne scarring, Acne Rosacea


TCA Chemical Peels  (Trichloroacetic acid)

TCA  is strictly reserved for clients who need more aggressive peels and

have been prepared for physical peeling of the skin. Downtime of 8-10 days .


Indication criteria: Epidermal pigmentation irregularities and acne scarring


Best results: 6 months treatments

1 x Chemical Peel

3 x  IPL Treatments

2 x  Dermapen Microdermabration







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